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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I was two years old at that time.
You and Stepmom I think were rhyme.
You let me choose from the two of you,
But no idea, whom to turn to...

I don't know how significant,
that moment, I just broke your heart.
My Stepmom says you cry bitterly.
Hugging me tight, kiss me tenderly...

Six months after, sickness took place.
Papa's afraid and not ease.
I was all hopeless and now restless.
He blamed you of being so careless...

You didn't come and visit me.
Papa don't want to let it be.
I don't know the reason why he did.
but it was you that he does forbid...

Stepmom tried to console Papa.
To see me one last time, Mama..
You left my ward, the doors now was lock,
You run away and never came back...

Nine years later, your son grew up.
Beginning to face life that's tough.
Unfortunate though he is right now,
but he's strong to fulfill his own vow...

Thinking happiness all those years,
Ignore physical abuse, fears..
But can't even hide one tragic death,
Testing my courage, can't deeply breath...

Why Mom, all this hurt and this pain?
Keep reaching all throughout my veins?
Hoping to hear that you love me Dear,
Twenty-five years, I don't think you care...

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