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Thursday, July 1, 2010


March twelve of two thousand and eight,
It was the start of your birthright.
The day we began to laugh and cry,
The time when our tears starts to run dry.

The moment that we have waited,
The silence we thought that rested,
The bitterness that we experienced,
We're happy that we have now blessed.

Even though we're quite a bit sad,
because we have lost our own dad,
But now you're the one who makes us laugh,
Even if our means we're not enough.

Three years suddenly move and pass,
Like seeds that grows in green, green, grass.
You're the inspiration that we have
And nothing else that we dearly love.

Even if you're now miles apart,
For me you're near inside my heart.
You're the reason why I'm still working,
You're important part of my being.

Angel is what we call your name.
You're our love that we're not ashamed.
You're cute little face and your own smile,
Reminds me of our dad for a while.

Our precious gift that we took care,
It's for you that we want to share.
Our hopes and admiration that lays,
We're going to continue and pray.

This little notes that I have wrote,
I'd like to dedicate and taught,
With courage and love from the one lost,
To our Deares sister, we love most...


I was two years old at that time.
You and Stepmom I think were rhyme.
You let me choose from the two of you,
But no idea, whom to turn to...

I don't know how significant,
that moment, I just broke your heart.
My Stepmom says you cry bitterly.
Hugging me tight, kiss me tenderly...

Six months after, sickness took place.
Papa's afraid and not ease.
I was all hopeless and now restless.
He blamed you of being so careless...

You didn't come and visit me.
Papa don't want to let it be.
I don't know the reason why he did.
but it was you that he does forbid...

Stepmom tried to console Papa.
To see me one last time, Mama..
You left my ward, the doors now was lock,
You run away and never came back...

Nine years later, your son grew up.
Beginning to face life that's tough.
Unfortunate though he is right now,
but he's strong to fulfill his own vow...

Thinking happiness all those years,
Ignore physical abuse, fears..
But can't even hide one tragic death,
Testing my courage, can't deeply breath...

Why Mom, all this hurt and this pain?
Keep reaching all throughout my veins?
Hoping to hear that you love me Dear,
Twenty-five years, I don't think you care...

Heart Aches

Perhaps Love is just miles away,
Hurting me and you in special way.
Something I never took for granted.
But now, my mind and thoughts were haunted...

Heartaches seems hard for me to bear,
In the first place, I was right there..
My Dear, I thought of you now and then.
Why can't I see true love deep within?

I've known you for so many years.
We became close friend, now best friend..
Everything now has totally changed.
Even our promises has no bridge...

Circuit Assembly, that day came.
Why during lunch break my eyes beam?
I was looking for someone, right there,
I saw you seating, lonely, despair?

My mind said to say "Hi" to her.
But my feet wants to go somewhere..
I go back to my seat and then pray,
To give us strength today, everyday...

Two days special occasions pass,
Greeting you not an easy task..
Remember the days we're close apart,
Now, You and I hard to be a part...

How I wish I can turn back time,
And let normal life lay become..
Back to where You and I used to be,
Saving all our love, for You and Me...

May this poem that comes from my heart,
Fill your emptiness and cries cast..
I don't love you because your not tough,
Just wait for you to mature enough...


The day was December eighteen.
Distances separate us then.
I went to Davao all by myself.
Knowing that someone might need my help...

Communication did not stop,
Your concern says not to give up.
Five days after I realized new,
that this feeling starts to grow for you...

I'm having a good time, smiling,
not knowing that days are leaving.
While visiting beaches, natures best,
When all of a sudden, your minds guest...

Months after, in Iloilo.
Excited to talk and see you..
At K.H you were right there seating.
Then after our meeting, you're smiling...

Weeks after, I ask you something.
One question that change everything.
I ask you if I can court you,
Your answer is: "I will think it bro"...

I was slightly hurt what you said.
I just reply, it's fine my friend..
Giving you few days, more time to think,
And I, will have to wait one more blink...

I prayed earnestly from Above,
If you're really the one I love..
I asked Him some wisdom and knowledge,
Telling how I feel with whole courage...

Two months after, I realized.
It's my heart that I have now based.
Telling you now were not meant to be,
You will no longer be mine, are we?

Los Ciendos, My Princess

T'was midnight when someone knocking,
From my window, heard you shouting.
Rushing downstairs, my doors to open.
Asking you why all of a sudden?

You kneel in front of me and speaks,
"Sire", you are badly needed, please?
For what matter this urgent request?
I asked you noble man, please repeat?

Your Highness, your loving Princess,
Was captured by an unknown bliss.
A so-called prince want her very death.
Saving her will put you to the test...

Lightning and thunder fires my way.
Like roaring lions on midday.
Running my horse as fast as I can,
Saving my beloved from a man...

I fought with fierce and with courage,
I toppled them with fiery rage.
I'm wet with blood, now losing my strength.
If I die, who's going to save death?

Alas, the moment has arrived.
My loving Princess, now you're freeze.
Are you going to die without me?
I'm saving you and now you are free...

But why when I free you, blood shed?
Your breathing heavily and bleed?
I hold you and hug you very tight,
Saying "I Love You" this very night...

Letting you die in my own arms,
so unfair, wants to slice my hands..
Finally, without nothing to say,
"Los Ciendos" Princess, I'll die today...


When I was born you were right there,
You raised me with true love and care.
You feed me, clothe me and love me dear.
Too young to realized, hard to bear...

I've grown up without you here, Mom.
Even wrestled myself, "please, calm".
Facing heartaches emotionally,
Sometimes, I even cry bitterly...

You're supposed to watch and guide me,
Protect me, but why it won't be?
I long for your kiss and your embrace.
Even hugging me tight, just one please?

I asked "papa" more about you,
Even my own mother-in-law.
I summon them if you love me too,
Their reply:"she left you years ago"...

Why Mom, you left me all alone?
Twenty-five years, I long for you.
Never even saw me when I mourn.
Too long, I haven't say "I Love You"...

For what reasons you don't love me?
You're so unfair, left me in vain.
Papa is dead, can't you even see?
I'm fatherless, crying in the rain...

I feel the chill, lonely and blue.
I want to shout, scream, I hate you.
Your memories, the happiness knew,
Making me sick but must continue...

The pain, the hurts I have inside,
Longing for your comfort to have.
Missing You Three years Dad, not that bad.
Twenty-five years Mom, where is your Love?

A Picture of You

Everyday I think of your face,
Worrying if you're sad, happy..
Imagining the day you are miss,
I seldom grace your so called beauty...

I open my own diary.
Suddenly, your pictures caught me..
Your face, your smile, killing me softly.
Remembering things we used to be...

Reading your letter seems funny,
but makes me feel I was empty.
Tears began to fall, flows heavily.
For how long will I have to carry?

Picture of you, I didn't lost.
Keeping it hanging on my wall..
You are important that's why I post.
Completing my masterpiece at all...

I'm writing this thing with safety.
For you to know I'm not angry..
I was hurt when you love somebody.
Thinking of me that I was crazy...

I tried to console everything.
Deeply hurt, don't know where going..
I think my heart is slowly dying.
It beats faster even I'm crying...

Why do I have to cry, pictures?
When we're not meant for each other?
You leave me alone, now I'm fracture,
Even feel the cold breeze of summer...

Now, I have to lay on my bed.
Forget about this haunted past,
Singing all my heartaches in the field.
Not forgetting your pictures laid rest...