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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Loving You

Why is it I can't understand,
this feeling that I have inside?
Infatuated in my thoughts, my mind.
Trapped by the truth without my own guide...

Why do I have to feel this way?
Seems normal,sometimes abnormal..
I can't even sleep,you ask me why?
You're in my thoughts, I think I will fall...

I keep this hidden for long time.
Your eyes, your face, even your smile..
Captured my heart, waiting to be mine,
Saying "Hi" to you even awhile...

Watching the stars fall from the sky,
Knowing I have feelings for you..
I'm hurting myself, I don't know why?
My own heart speaks, "I felt that way too"...

Second chances knocks at my door.
Waiting to be open so soon..
Keys to unlock, love now to enter.
Remembering the day love was gone...

My family wants to stop this.
Don't fall in love or you're burden.
Do they think I'm answering a quiz?
To choose the odd or ignore even...

Wished they knew how much "I Love You".
Taking courage to say "I do"..
Respect you without further ado,
and loving you more than I used to...

This time, I have to end this mess.
I will choose you to be my own..
But, it doesn't mean I'm now hopeless.
Whatever my answer is, I won...

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