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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best Friend

I remember the days we have,
Our first met even our first smile..
Your own eyes speaks of admiration.
My handshakes says I got the potion...

Simplicity is what I like,
Yours is someone responsible..
You are good enough in household chores.
One who's good in cooking is my choice...

Even if I'm not good looking,
You accepted me, everything...
Choosing me not based on your liking,
Pointing out as a human being...

A woman worthy to be praised.
Rich blessings, Jehovah will grace..
It's the heart that God has always based,
Something that willingly must receive...

I adore your stunning beauty.
Your diligence prove your worthy..
Help others change individually..
Driven by love, to live happily...

Loving you is not that easy.
It takes a little courage too..
Encouraging comments on Sundays,
Reaches my heart the way you do...

You know me better than I do.
That's why we're best friend miles apart..
More than a friend is what I've known you.
Hoping, praying, we will never part...

Now, I must ignore this feeling.
Even if I lose everything..
Grateful enough to face my burden.
You and I forever be best friends...

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