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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heart Aches

Perhaps Love is just miles away,
Hurting me and you in special way.
Something I never took for granted.
But now, my mind and thoughts were haunted...

Heartaches seems hard for me to bear,
In the first place, I was right there..
My Dear, I thought of you now and then.
Why can't I see true love deep within?

I've known you for so many years.
We became close friend, now best friend..
Everything now has totally changed.
Even our promises has no bridge...

Circuit Assembly, that day came.
Why during lunch break my eyes beam?
I was looking for someone, right there,
I saw you seating, lonely, despair?

My mind said to say "Hi" to her.
But my feet wants to go somewhere..
I go back to my seat and then pray,
To give us strength today, everyday...

Two days special occasions pass,
Greeting you not an easy task..
Remember the days we're close apart,
Now, You and I hard to be a part...

How I wish I can turn back time,
And let normal life lay become..
Back to where You and I used to be,
Saving all our love, for You and Me...

May this poem that comes from my heart,
Fill your emptiness and cries cast..
I don't love you because your not tough,
Just wait for you to mature enough...

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