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Thursday, July 1, 2010


The day was December eighteen.
Distances separate us then.
I went to Davao all by myself.
Knowing that someone might need my help...

Communication did not stop,
Your concern says not to give up.
Five days after I realized new,
that this feeling starts to grow for you...

I'm having a good time, smiling,
not knowing that days are leaving.
While visiting beaches, natures best,
When all of a sudden, your minds guest...

Months after, in Iloilo.
Excited to talk and see you..
At K.H you were right there seating.
Then after our meeting, you're smiling...

Weeks after, I ask you something.
One question that change everything.
I ask you if I can court you,
Your answer is: "I will think it bro"...

I was slightly hurt what you said.
I just reply, it's fine my friend..
Giving you few days, more time to think,
And I, will have to wait one more blink...

I prayed earnestly from Above,
If you're really the one I love..
I asked Him some wisdom and knowledge,
Telling how I feel with whole courage...

Two months after, I realized.
It's my heart that I have now based.
Telling you now were not meant to be,
You will no longer be mine, are we?

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