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Thursday, July 1, 2010


When I was born you were right there,
You raised me with true love and care.
You feed me, clothe me and love me dear.
Too young to realized, hard to bear...

I've grown up without you here, Mom.
Even wrestled myself, "please, calm".
Facing heartaches emotionally,
Sometimes, I even cry bitterly...

You're supposed to watch and guide me,
Protect me, but why it won't be?
I long for your kiss and your embrace.
Even hugging me tight, just one please?

I asked "papa" more about you,
Even my own mother-in-law.
I summon them if you love me too,
Their reply:"she left you years ago"...

Why Mom, you left me all alone?
Twenty-five years, I long for you.
Never even saw me when I mourn.
Too long, I haven't say "I Love You"...

For what reasons you don't love me?
You're so unfair, left me in vain.
Papa is dead, can't you even see?
I'm fatherless, crying in the rain...

I feel the chill, lonely and blue.
I want to shout, scream, I hate you.
Your memories, the happiness knew,
Making me sick but must continue...

The pain, the hurts I have inside,
Longing for your comfort to have.
Missing You Three years Dad, not that bad.
Twenty-five years Mom, where is your Love?

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