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Thursday, July 1, 2010


March twelve of two thousand and eight,
It was the start of your birthright.
The day we began to laugh and cry,
The time when our tears starts to run dry.

The moment that we have waited,
The silence we thought that rested,
The bitterness that we experienced,
We're happy that we have now blessed.

Even though we're quite a bit sad,
because we have lost our own dad,
But now you're the one who makes us laugh,
Even if our means we're not enough.

Three years suddenly move and pass,
Like seeds that grows in green, green, grass.
You're the inspiration that we have
And nothing else that we dearly love.

Even if you're now miles apart,
For me you're near inside my heart.
You're the reason why I'm still working,
You're important part of my being.

Angel is what we call your name.
You're our love that we're not ashamed.
You're cute little face and your own smile,
Reminds me of our dad for a while.

Our precious gift that we took care,
It's for you that we want to share.
Our hopes and admiration that lays,
We're going to continue and pray.

This little notes that I have wrote,
I'd like to dedicate and taught,
With courage and love from the one lost,
To our Deares sister, we love most...

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